Two Strikes, You’re Out?

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A-Rod, A Fraud?

Here are my thoughts on the A-Rod and the ‘roids story. First of all, there were 104 total athletes that tested positive for a steroids in 2003, where are the other 103 names? I’m not condemning Rodriguez’s actions by any means, but it doesn’t seem fair that he is the only one being called out by name of the 104 total players that tested positive. What he did was wrong, and because he is such an All-Star and a role model to many young athletes he is being heavily targeted, I understand that. But the talk about these actions affecting his Hall of Fame candidacy is where I have a problem.

He says that from 2001-2003, his years with the Texas Rangers, are the only years he used what are now considered “banned substances.” If I were to think of A-Rod using steroids, I would think he would hit about .400 with 80 home runs and 180 RBI’s, but that’s besides the point. These are A-Rod’s stats during his three years with Texas:


   Yr.   GP    AB   R      H   2B  3B HR  RBI   BB   SO SB CS  AVG  OBP  SLG   OPS
 2001 162 632 133 201  34  1   52  135  75 131 18   3 .318  .399  .622 1.021
 2002 162 624 125 187  27  2   57  142  87 122  9    4 .300  .392  .623 1.015 
 2003 161 607 124 181  30  6   47  118  87 126 17   3 .298  .396  .600   .996
Sure, these are huge numbers, but for A-Rod? They are what we have learned to expect from him, “normal” if you will. Not one of these years are considered to be one of his best years.

He’s been in the league since 1994, here are his career totals:

GP    AB       R         H       2B   3B  HR   RBI   BB   SO  SB  CS    AVG   OBP   SLG  OPS 
2042 7860 1605   2404 428  26  553  606 980 641 283 67  .306  .389   .578  .967 
Ok, so for fun, let’s say we subtract those years in Texas. Here’s what we get in terms of At bats, hits, home runs, and overall average: 
AB      H         HR     AVG. 
5997 1835   397    .327
So, take those numbers from Texas out. Pretend A-Rod took a three-year vacation. He comes back, his career average is even better.

All I’m saying is yes, what he did was wrong, but does it have an affect on his overall career? Nope, not at all. He said it himself he was young and naive, and I can’t wait for him to come up this year and come in second in the MVP voting (being the Sox fan that I am, I’m thinking of a Carlos Quentin upset?)

That’s it, just wanted to get this out there. Like I heard someone else say today, Michael Phelps is probably one happy camper that this news came out about A-Rod. 

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D-R-A-M-A MLB Style

I thought drama was saved for episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and 90210, what’s with the all of the rumors and “betrayal” as of late? Although, I must admit baseball is getting a lot of publicity with pitchers and catchers reporting in a mere 10 days.

Abre-BOO Rumor Isn’t True Abreusox.jpg

While Kenny Williams has refused to comment on the rumors that the Sox offered Yankee, Bobby Abreu a one-year, $8 million contract I have to believe this simply isn’t true. They have a great right fielder in Jermaine Dye and an $11.5 million contact attached. With this economy, they can’t expect to trade him that easily and who’s to say they want to?

Williams’ commented saying”I can’t keep up with these bloggers’ pace,” although he told that Abreu is “a great player and can help any club.”

Besides, I thought the Yankees were going for an all Yankee All-Star team this year, unless they swap for JD, that isn’t going to happen.

Clubhouse Code?

This afternoon on Jim Rome is burning, they were debating the Torre book and potential consequences it may have for the current Yankee locker room. Oh no, say it ain’t so, DerekJeter and A-Rod will be mad at each other? Jim Rome and his “panel” are going back in forth on whether or not Jim Torre broke locker room code by publishing some of the events that went on behind closed doors. Tom Friend, Features Reporter for ESPN said “I would expect something like this from Ozzie Guillen but not Jim Torre.” Yep, Guillen speaks his mind and we all appreciate the truth on the South Side, maybe something the rest of Major League Baseball isn’t ready for quite yet.

Yankee Years.jpg

JFel’s Face Time

  • Sox Tickets go on sale in 10 days (February13 @10AM), who’s going to opening day?
  • Have you heard that South Carolina police might presscharges against swimmer, Michael Phelps? What’s next? Are they going to go on Facebook and press charges against the thousands of college students with pictures ofmarijuana paraphernalia?

photo credits: Barnes & Noble, ESPN

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